FBNF Awards 2010

along with the Best And Worst Films of the year list, our other annual tradition here at Filmed But Not Forgotten is the handing out of the FBNF Awards. so, lets get to it....



BEST FILM: Greenberg


BEST ACTRESS: Annette Bening

bening is a beautiful and talented actress that seems to have embraced getting older. she is so comfortable in her skin and with who she is and that radiates through her performances. and she had a great year: she was great in The Kids Are Alright, but she was also wonderful in the little seen film Mother And Child (with naomi watts and samuel l. jackson).


BEST 3D: Toy Story 3 & Piranha 3D

- in a year where it seemed like every second movie was being released in 3D, most of them were doing it post production and it either looked bad or wasn't worth the effort. Toy Story 3 and Piranha 3D are two films that did it right. Toy Story 3 was a completely great and full 3D experience and Piranha 3D used the good 3D to enhance the campy, b-movie (have you ever seen two naked girls swimming under a boat and  a big piranha burp up a bitten off penis in 3D. well, thanks to this film, i can say i have).


WORST CHEMISTRY: jennifer lopez & Alex O'Loughlin in The Back-Up Plan

- the crappy script didn't help, but these two bring nothing to the table and you end up caring about them and the movie as little as they seem to care about each other.


WORST IMPROVISING: the cast of Grown-Ups

- i like these guys, but in this movie there are a bunch of scenes that feel like the script just said "guys are sitting around talking" and so that is what they do. the problem is that improvising is hard and it takes real acting chops to do it well so that it feels genuine. these guys are all funny guys, but in this film the improving is quite bad and often the least funny moments.



- lead by a really great performance by young jennifer lawrence, the entire cast of this film is excellent. the film takes you into a world and these actors completely inhabit the characters in it.


BEST MONTAGE: The Other Guys - a night of drinking at the bar

- as the music plays a camera moves through the bar and we see different freeze frame images of will ferrell and mark whalberg over the course of a night of drinking. from them walking in, to ferrell standing on the pool table taking a leak. it's original in its execution and it's funny.



miley cyrus was trying hard in The Last Song, but that's part of the problem - you see her trying to hard. as for her dad billy ray in The Spy Next Door: it is just a little supporting role, but when you make jackie chan look like a great thespian you know you got a problem.


BEST MOVIE TITLE: Hot Tub Time Machine

even before i saw the film and new it was the best comedy of the year i loved the title


BEST ORIGINAL SONG: Despicable Me - pharrell

no disrespect to the great randy newman and the other best song oscar nominees. but the fact that pharrell's Despicable Me title track didn't even get a nomination is yet another oscar blunder (especially, given that there are only four nominees, which means they have room for another one). this is however, not oscar's biggest mistake this year. that would be....


BIGGEST OSCAR GYP: nothing for Greenberg

not even a screenplay nod. i mean come on! i would have loved to have seen an acting nomination for one, if not both, leads (ben stiller and greta gerwig), but i knew that was pretty unlikely given that the film wasn't very big and the roles not as obvious and flashy as some of the nominees. but, with this new 10 film nominees thing they got going on i was hoping it might sneak in there.

but regardless of all that, i figured a screenplay nomination was an actual possibility. i know that a lot of people didn't get the brilliance of the film and the screenplay, but that still doesn't make it right to not even get one nomination!


WELL DONE OSCAR: Winters Bones actors & Exit Through The Gift Shop

as you know from an earlier award, i think the entire cast of Winter's Bones was excellent - so, to see jennifer lawrence get a best actress nomination and john hawkes pull one in for supporting actor was a very nice surprise.

if you listened to, or read, my best and worst of the year list, you know that i thought this was a really strong year for documentaries and i had four in the top 10. now, three of them didn't get nominations (the biggest surprise/gyp was nothing for the joan rivers doc), but it was really good to se Exit Through The Gift Shop among the five nominees.


BEST FLOP: Green Zone (Budget: $100 million/Gross: $35,053,660)

like most years, there were a lot of big name flops at the box office this year (Prince Of Persia, The Last Airbender, Edge Of Darkness, Knight & Day, Legend Of The Guardians...). films that didn't make back what they cost to produce. but while many of them deserved the what they got, some did not. and the best of those was Green Zone.

like the 2008 fbnf award winner in the category, Body Of Lies, Green Zone is a smart action thriller that just couldn't find its audience and couldn't really be packaged in a simple trailer. however, it has a strong script, direction and performances that lift it above the typical genre fare.


WORST DIRECTING DESCISION: Comic Moments During Final Scene Of Le Concert

the final scene of the film Le Concert is a powerful moment where answers are revealed during a concert performance. the scene inter-cuts the performance with the back story and it is really well done. my only problem with it is that the director, radu mihaileanu, throws in a couple dumb comic gags with other characters in the orchestra, that feel totally out of place.



with The Losers, The A-Team and Red you had three films released in 2010 that dealt with a group of almost indestructible ex-government operatives now working for themselves to fight against the system they once worked for. while i actually enjoyed all three films. they were all fun and didn't take themselves to seriously... Red was definitely the best of the bunch.



the only things keeping When In Rome from being a completely average romantic comedy (which it kind of is anyway) are the three supporting actors: dax shapard, will arnett and danny devito. they are the only ones bringing any kind of funny and shepard is great as the narcissistic model.


WELCOME BACK: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1

the first two movies in the series, just like the first two books, were good, but they were also most about setting up the franchise and the mythology. then, starting with the third book and movie, things started to really get good and a little darker and movies 3, 4 and 5 were all great films. then came 6 - maybe the best book in the series but a real disappointment movie wise. however, with The Deathly Hallows part 1 they got back on track and made a really good movie!



i've never read the books and honestly had no intentions or desire to see this film. but, in my quest to make 2010 my most prolific year of film viewing, i ended up watching Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. and it was really good.


BEST RUNNING COMEDIC GAG: The Other Guys - TLC References

this was a tough one. also in the running was the 'how will the bellboy lose his arm from Hot Tub Time Machine' and 'the Aladdin references in She's Out Of My League.' but micheal keaton's TLC references in The Other Guys was just too good not to win. it is funny and wonderfully absurd and the way will ferrell and mark whalberg react to them over the course of the movie is perfect and makes it all that much funnier.


BEST ROMANTIC COMEDY BEST FRIENDS: TIE: Going The Distance & She's Out Of My League

we all know that it is part of the romantic comedy genre to have the funny best friend(s) of the main characters. as always 2010 brought with it a plethora of rom-coms, but when it came down to the funny best friends, these two films stood above the crowd! in She's Out Of My League Jay Baruchel's three best friends are great and in Going The Distance jason sedeikis and charlie day steal the show.