Year: 2003

Writer & Director: Greg Marcks

Budget: $6 million (estimated)

Gross: ?

This film brings together 5 different stories that all revolve around each other and culminate with a couple car accidents that take place at 11:14pm one evening. the film is one story told from 5 different perspectives. kind of like Vantage Point, but really good.

also, unlike Vantage Point, 11:14 doesn't start each story from the exact same time. some begin 20 minutes before the 11:14 moment and others begin only a couple minutes prior and take us past the title time by 10-20 minutes.

one of the things that really impressed me about the film was the attention to detail. when you have interweaving perspectives and time is so crucial there is a lot of room to mess up. but, marcks looks to have taken quite a bit of time to figure all the details out and it was well worth it. as the film progressed i really felt like i knew where everyone was at all times and that the timeline worked and made sense.

also, marcks didn't get caught up with loads of unnecessary exposition. by that i mean he trusted the audience and his script to take us along for the ride and provide us with all the information by the end.

in telling a story this was there are obviously going to be moments throughout that require more explanation: who is that person? why was she there? why did he do that? etc.... however, each question that comes up in one perspective always gets answered in another one along the way and the script is confident enough to leave unanswered questions till it is time for them to be answered and not create false moments in order to provide quick answers.

this also made it fun for me to piece together the events of the evening as i gathered more information and started seeing moments from one perspective that i had seen previously from another and had forgotten about or not realized how important they were till i had more pieces of the puzzle.

i don't think this film ever got a theatrical releae in north america, but it did play at multiple fests like cannes and toronto to name just a few. so, unless you were lucky enough to be at one of those festival screenings, go pick this one up on dvd and see one that many people have missed and forgotten.