Awful Normal

YEAR: 2004

DIRECTOR: Celesta Davis


GROSS: appears to have never had a theatrical run


with a tagline like "what would you say to the man who molested you?" you can't get a more direct summary of what the film, Awful Normal is about.

when celesta davis and her sister karen were children they were each molested by her dad's best friend (who was married to their mom's best friend). now, 25 years later they have decided - after many years of talking about it - to confront him.

the most important thing to remember about this film is how personal it is. the specifics of the film making really aren't that important. the film feels very real and honest and almost like you are eavesdropping on your neighbors going through a hard time - except that with the voice overs and certain acknowledgments of the cameras, you know they want you to watch. that it's okay to watch.

as for the film making itself? it's fine. there were moments where i wanted more information and there was one or two editing/directorial decisions that seemed a little disjointed from the pace and tome of the rest of the film, but, that's okay.

the film is about capturing celesta and her sister and her mother on this journey towards some possible kind of resolution. and the moments leading up to celesta's confronting of her molester as well as the conversation that follows are tense, powerful and very emotional.

this isn't a reporter talking to a child molester for some news program. this is the child he molested talking to him. its almost a little surreal at times as the conversation begins with small talk before getting to the reason why she is there.

Awful Normal isn't setting out to solve the problem or explain why things like that happen. rather, it set out to with the sole purpose of telling celesta's story and allowing her to confront the man that molested her. Unfortunately, there are so many other stories out there that need to be told.

p.s. i would also recommend a better film, Stevie, which i discussed on the podcast earlier this year.