Easier With Practice

YEAR: 2009

WRITER: Kyle Patrick Alverez

DIRECTOR: Kyle Patrick Alverez (screenplay), Davey Rothbart (story)

BUDGET: $1,000,000 (estimated)



davey is an unpublished writer driving around new mexico with his brother giving readings of his short stories and trying to sell a few copies of his book. one night in his motel he gets a call from nicole. he doesn't know how she is, but they end up having phone sex - and so begins Easier With Practice.

as davey and nicole's phone relationship develops, he becomes more and more attached to her - even forgoing possible real girls and feeling like he is cheating on her if he does.

good performances, a good script and a nice soundtrack make this indie drama worth searching out. one of the things i appreciated about the film was that i wasn't sure where it was going. there were a couple times where i thought i saw where the story was heading and each time it didn't go there, or if it did, it went there and past it. the biggest example of this is the ending.

the obvious question that the film brings up is "who is nicole?" is she who she says she is? is she - as davey's brother jokes - an unattractive middle aged women with a bunch of kids who sells products over the phone? etc... (i'm sure we all have our own ideas of the possibilities right?).

well, for me this is the hardest part of the movie to get right. how do you end the film in an interesting and intelligent way, even though it might be exactly what some of the audience expects. well, they did it just right. the conversation that ends the movie is a really well written moment that feels original within a possibly obvious format and true to both characters involved.

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