World's Greatest Dad

Year: 2009

Writer & Director: Bobcat Goldthwait

Budget: ?

Gross: $219,719

if you were asking yourself, "when is robin williams going to make a great comedy again" then it must be because you haven't yet seen World's Greatest Dad. and you wouldn't be alone considering how little money this film made at the box office. but, that's why i'm here folks. to tell you about great movies like this that not only have you probably not seen, but might not have even heard of.

World's Greatest Dad is a dark comedy from the mind of bobcat goldthwait who you might remember from his role in three of the Police Academy movies or from his infamous appearance on the Tonight Show with jay leno back in 1994 when on impulse he set the couch on fire. or maybe you are familiar with his first film, 1991s Shakes The Clown? no? well, it doesn't matter, cause based on that resume one would probably not be expecting much from World's Greatest Dad. but, much is exactly what we got (and i mean that in a very good way).

robin williams plays a high school poetry teacher who wants to be a writer. he has written multiple novels and had them all rejected. then, through an unlucky turn of events he gets his wish, but the way he gets it might not be something he can deal with.

yes, i know i am being vague. that is on purpose. and, anyone who decides to check out this film should know as little about the story as possible going in.

watching the film and the way the dark humor was presented made me think of todd solondz and films like Happiness and Welcome To The Dollhouse. films that will make you laugh and will make you a little uncomfortable as well (although "Dollhouse" and "Happiness" more so then "Dad"). rather then laugh out loud satire, these movies take on ideas and subjects from a slightly different angle. i guess we could call it dark satire, but i'm not sure if that would be mixing my metaphors so-to-speak.

if your only images of robin williams these days are from films like Old Dogs, Licence To Wed and the Night At The Museum series and was wondering what had happened to a guy that has been in some great films in the past... well, allow World's Greatest Dad to restore your faith in him and his ability and willingness to step away from the middle of the road and explore what is beyond the curb.