two guys are at a party. they are old friends who haven't seen each other in a long time. one is the free spirit traveler, never-settled-down guy and the the other has gone a different route and has a wife a house and is trying to make a baby. at this party, everyone gets to talking about the "hump fest" artistic porn festival that they are going to be producing work for and these two guys - pretty drunk and high at this point - decide that it would be great art if they (two very straight dudes) were to make a movie of them having sex with each other.  welcome to Humpday!

although the premise is quite amusing - it is also one that could have gone in may directions, so i really had no idea what to expect when the movie started. what i saw, however, was one great film.

this low-budget flick was dramatic, really funny, smart, witty, interesting, engaging and a whole lotta fun to watch. the direction is great and the film is given a very documentary-type feel with the hand held - and almost constantly moving - camera work, which works great with the naturalistic voice that the actors and their improving brings to the script.

yup, the entire film is pretty much all improvised by the actors - there was a basic story and they all knew where it was going - but within the scenes, the dialogue was all improved by the performers. thankfully, they are great at it. the film is very "talkie" but i just loved listening to them. the two guys and the guy's wife are all fantastic and their conversations are funny, dramatic, meandering, and very real for who they are and how they interact.

i know there are lots of big budget movies out there vying for your hard earned dollars - but if you are looking for a film that deserves your time and money, Humpday is definitely one of them.

also, on a "six degrees of separation note" - the actor who plays the guy with the wife is mark duplass, who is one half of the duplass brothers who made another film i really liked, and talked about it on a past podcast, The Puffy Chair.