Tupperware Year: 2004

Writer & Director: Laurie Kahn-Leavitt

Tupperware! played at a few film festivals but never got a theatrical release - in case you are wondering why you never heard of it. rather it made its broadcast debut on pbs' The American Experience television show (which is a great series by the way).

Tupperware! is a pretty standard documentary with a narrator, archival footage and personal interviews all weaved together. there is nothing wrong with that though, and for anyone interested in the subject it is informative and interesting.

i would describe the film as a "biography" of brownie wise and tupperware, but wise is the real focus of the film. brownie wise is the woman that took tupperware and made it the huge business it became by creating and marketing and getting the company to commit to selling its product through the famous "tupperware parties".

the film looks at the rise of the parties and talks to women who became sellers and managers, etc... and the business that became basically the template for any similar business-model in the future. if you, or anyone you know has been a part of a business that uses people as sellers and who then get more people to sell and grow the business then you are familiar with what brownie wise created.

today everyone knows tupperware, but with all the various knockoffs the stuff isn't as pervasive as it once was (the patent ran out in the 80s i think - only a short while after creator earl tupper passed away). however, this film provides a little history about the product (i would have liked more) and the woman that knew how to sell it.