FBNF Awards 2008

Fbnf awards with the academy awards in about three weeks it will be the official end to the 2008 awards season, but we all know it wouldn't be complete without this year's FBNF awards, so let us hand those out right now... (you can check out the 2007 FBNF awards right here)

best film:
- Slumdog Millionaire

best end credit dance (tie):
- tom cruise (Tropic Thunder)
    - this was great. i thought his character was hysterical throughout the film and this just put a great topper on a really good time at the movies. cruise can be great in these supporting roles where he really just lets himself go (think Magnolia also)  

- the cast of Slumdog Millionaire
    - i loved this film and the bollywood dancing at the end was so joyful and carried my smile from the end of the film through the closing credits.

worst sequel:
- Quantum Of Solace
    - it was a bad sequel, a bad james bond movie and just a bad film in general

best movie song (tie)
- bruce springsteen (The Wrestler) & jack white and alicia keyes (Quantum Of Solace)
    - both songs are good songs in their own right and worked really well in their respective films (pretty much one of the only good things about Quantum Of Solace)... oh ya, don't forget Rock Me Sexy Jesus from Hamlet 2

best male performance:
- mickey rourke
    - his performance in The Wrestler is so true and heartbreaking and uplifting.  from the hair to the hearing aide to the way he talks and carries himself differently in and outside the ring, rourke stands out from the crowd this year with that performance.

best sequel:
- The Dark Knight
    - this one was easy. not only was it far and away the best sequel of the year, it was the best comic book movie since tim burton's Batman in 1989 and one of the best films of the year - sequel or not.

best film i saw all year:
- Keane
    - released in 2004 this small lodge kerrigan film is one i am still thinking and talking about to anyone that will listen.  read my full discussion of the film here.

welcome back:
- woody allen
    - one of my favorite directors of all time allen could pretty much do know wrong for me until about 10 years ago.  these last 10 years have been up and down, with more downs then ups and the ups not being that high.  that was until Vicky Cristina Barcelona.  this wonderful film is the best thing he has done in a long time and although one film isn't maybe enough to say 'he's back", i so enjoyed the movie that i'm going to say it anyway... "he's back!"

best actor:
- ben kingsley
    - The Wackness and Elegy

best bad special effects:
- Be Kind Rewind

film that most frustratingly didn't live up to its potential:
- Righteous Kill
    - unlike last years winner of this award I Am Legend - which was actually a really good film for the first half of it, Righteous Kill wasn't very good from pretty early on.  however, given that two of the greatest actors of all time - robert deniro and al pacino - were the stars, and were going to be in a film and on screen together for most of it, for the first time ever, the potential for greatness was there.

best performance by young actors:
- all the kids in The Class (Entre Les Murs)

worst performances by young actors:
- the young actors in Gran Tornio

best two acting greats in one movie:
- merryl streep and phillip seymor hoffman in Doubt
    - dicaprio and winslet were good in Revolutionary road and this awards should have really gone to deniro and pacino (but, while they were fine in the awful Righteous Kill, they weren't great)... but streep and hoffman in doubt were excellent and the big climactic scene in which the two of them go head to head had me completely riveted.

most disappointingly historically inaccurate:
- parts of Frost/Nixon
    - i really liked the film, and its fine that they took some dramatic license with certain things and emphasized others that might not have been so 'dramatic' at the time, but to literally change actual dialogue from the frost/nixon interviews is just wrong. i mean, we have the actual footage and transcripts from the interviews, so use them at least for the interview scenes... also, creating that huge, climactic phone call scene - that never happened - that turns the film around and leads to the big 'get' in the interview is also wrong,

biggest oscar gyp:
- The Wrestler
    - yes it got an acting nod for both mickey rourke and marissa tomei (both completely deserving), but what about a best picture nomination?  or if that's too much to ask at least a screenplay nod?  and even if those two are to much for the academy, what about a best song nomination for bruce springsteen?  the song won a golden globe and it isn't even nominated for an academy award - in a category that only has three nominees (so its not like there is no room for it)... the only thing i can think is that there is some kind of technicality reason and it can't be nominated, but if that isn't the case then what the hell!?!?

well done oscar:
- heath ledger and robert downy jr. nominations
    - comedy and action rarely get much love from the academy so to have ledger (for The Dark Knight) and even more so, downey (for Tropic Thunder) nominated for supporting actor awards is great to see - and they are both very deserving.

best failed blockbuster:
- Body Of Lies
    - with ridely scott directing this spy thriller starring russell crowe and leonardo dicaprio Body Of Lies had blockbuster hopes, but instead it only ended up grossing just over half of its estimated $70 million budget.  not only that, but the reviews were split on it as well (it got 51% at rotten tomatoes)... but this one is more than just a good summer spy thriller. 

hey oscar, were there really no other good supporting female performances?:
- viola davis in Doubt
    - now i'm not saying davis was bad in the film, not at all... however, she is really only in the film for one 5-15 minute long scene, and her performance isn't so outstanding that it deserves a nomination for such a small role... who would i replace her with you ask?  well, how about rebecca hall from Vicky Christina Barcelona?  

the most unbelievably simple story:
- Wendy And Lucy
    - a girl and her dog are driving through a small town on their way to alaska.  the car breaks down and she loses her dog. she spends the next day or two looking for her dog while her car is getting fixed... there you go, that is Wendy And Lucy - and it is a really good film.

best film with lots of problems:
- Gran Torino
    - eastwood isn't bad (not best actor worthy as the national board of review thought), but playing a racist old man that just wants to be left alone but befriends the korean kid/family next door is anything but an original idea... also, the acting by the kids in the film is poor and the story is pretty predictable... and yet i enjoyed the film.. hmmmmmm, go figure.

worst film that was not the sum of its parts:
- Burn After Reading
    - with Burn After Reading i found the story original, i liked the characters, i thought it was funny at times, i liked the tone of the film, i was interested in what was going to happen, the performances were good - albeit a little over the top for some (but that fit the tone the coen brothers created)... and yet i was quite disappointed and confused in the end.

best film title:
- Quantum Of Solace and Young People Fucking
    - Quantun Of Solace sounds a little pretentious, but very cool and intriguing... Young People Fucking sounds like it is trying to shock people, but the film is so good it works.