Roman Polanski: Wanted And Desired

Roman_polanski_wanted_and_desired Year: 2008

Writer: Joe Bini, Peter G. Morgan, Marina Zenovich

Director: Marina Zenovich

Budget: ?

Gross: $59 192

everyone knows that roman polanski slept with an underage girl in 1977 and then fled to paris before sentencing where he has stayed ever since.  there is however a lot that most people don't know about the story, and that is where Roman Polanski: Wanted And Desired comes in.

based on things i had heard my anticipation was that this film basically looked back on the story and exonerated polanski.  however, that is not the case.  there is no doubt, or at least very little, that polanski did drug and have sex with the girl, but what the film does - and does very well - is look at the entire story beyond that moment.

whenever a discussion of polanski and the incident comes up the conversation usually never gets past the sex with a 13-year-old stage.  not that that isn't a valid conversation to have, but what happened after is something you should be aware of as well.

the film looks at the court case and the judge and the attorneys and polanski himself and paints a picture of fame and desire and the law being used and distorted for personal and political reasons that polanski got caught up in the middle of.  i found it so interesting to get past the incident and discover what happened in the months and years proceeding it.  did you know that polanski actually plead guilty to one count? that he actually spend a couple months in prison? that there had been a deal in place that the judge took back his word on?  well, i didn't.

again, i am not saying what polanski did was okay, and i didn't feel that the film was saying that either.  Rather it is putting everything in context and trying to expose us to aspects of the case that aren't talked about or as well known.