Hamlet 2

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Year: 2008

Writer: Pam Brady & Andrew Fleming

Director: Andrew Fleming

Budget: $9 million (estimated)

Gross: $4 784 111 (as of September 14th, 2008)

with Hamlet 2, we have the second appearance on fbnf of director andrew fleming.  you might be asking yourself how the director of Nancy Drew made it on the list previously?  well, it was with a little film, and one of my favorites, Dick.

Hamlet 2 is about a failed actor, now high school drama teacher (steve coogan) who, when he finds out the are canceling the drama program, writes an original work to put on with the class in an attempt to save the program.  he writes Hamlet 2.  however, as we all know, everyone dies at the end of Hamlet, so he needs a device to make the sequel work.  that device is a, and how can it really be anything else, time machine.

the film is very funny and much of that has to do with steve coogan, who is just great (as usual).  i saw him in the same vain as christopher guest's character in Waiting For Guffman, in that they are both 'theatre directors' who don't realize that they aren't that good.  however, unlike in Waiting For Guffman, i think that the world around coogan's character is a little more realistic.  i should also say that the Hamlet 2 play actually looked not bad, as compared to the Waiting For Guffmann play.

watching the film, there was something about it that felt a little different.  and for me the comparison to it as a high school musical production as opposed to a broadway play seemed apt.

the film doesn't feel slick or as smooth as a big hollywood movie.  something about the editing and the way it is put together felt a little off.  i know this all sounds a vague, but i can't really put my finger on it, other then to say 'off'.  thinking about it afterward is when it seemed to make sense in comparing it to the vibe of a high school production that is good and has a lot of work put into it, but still doesn't flow as perfectly as a big broadway show.

i don't mean this to be a criticism, cause i did really like the film, but it was more of a way to discuss a visceral reaction i had that i couldn't put my finger on right away.

also, given that 'anything is possible' i guess they could have screwed up a movie that has a song called 'rock me sexy jesus' in it, but they sure didn't.