Four Eyed Monsters

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Year: 2005

Director: arin crumley & susan buice

Writer: arin crumley & susan buice

Budget: ?

Gross: (don't think it was ever released in theaters)

it might sound like the title of a big budget monster movie extravaganza, but in reality that couldn't be further from the truth.  the Four Eyed Monsters of the title refers to the entity that is a couple.  two people with four eyes, two heads and eight limbs. i had no idea what it was about or what to expect and it just totally blew me away. 

Four Eyed Monsters is 'love story' for the new media generation made by two people who actually seem to know what they are talking about because they have 'been there, done that'.  this isn't some big hollywood studio trying to cash in on the my space phenomenon and commissioning some staring vehicle for john cuzak and kate hudson about a couple that meets online, blah, blah, blah.... the directors, writers and stars of the film arin crumley and susan buice know of what they speak because it is their story.

the film, to quote the film makers themselves from their website, "tells the true story of how susan and I met online and I stalked her at her work and then we ended up dating but with a rule to never speak in person. Then our lives and minds begin to meld and our fantasies and fears manifest as we become a living breathing Four Eyed Monster."

the film is very independent and the use of music and film techniques and new media ways of telling the story are very much a sign of the modern eye through which these film makers see the world.  however, what really did it for me was the fact that within all that, there was this really interesting and engaging story of these two characters. 

so often these artsy independent films will be all artsy pretension and forget the fact that they are also telling a story.  with Four Eyed Monsters however, the film making technique was just as much in service of the story as it was artistic and completely interesting in its own right.   

the film played at slamdance, won awards at the brooklyn film festival and was nominated for an independent spirit award for its cinematography.  the two film makers were also nominated, and very rightly so, for the john cassavetes award at the independent spirit awards.  however, i don't think the film ever got any kind of release into mainstream cinemas, which is a real shame.

however, you can head on over to their website at, where you can watch the full movie, check out all the episodes of their video podcast (about their relationship and their art and making the movie) and help them slowly climb out of their large credit card debt. 

just go watch this movie!!!