The Puffy Chair

Year: 2005

Writer: Jay & Mark Duplass

Director: Jay Duplass

Budget: $15 000(estimated)

Gross: $192 467

i thought i knew what to expect when i sat down to watch The Puffy Chair (unfortunately, not in a puffy chair.  those are awesome).  the title sounds kind of fun and light and the only description of the film i had heard was to the effect of: a guy drives cross country to deliver a birthday gift to his father.  that gift being the puffy chair.

sounds like a fun road movie.  and at 85 minutes long. a quick and easy one at that.  in fact, the only reason i decided to tivo it off my movie network was because i heard it referenced when talking about the most recent film from the duplass brothers, Baghead - which i unfortunately didn't get around to seeing when it was in the theater, but it sounded good and i had wanted to.  however, when i heard the brothers' first film was The Puffy Chair, the name rang some kind of random bell in my head and then low and behold it appeared on one of my movie channels not long after that.  i was meant to see this film...

needless to say, i really enjoyed this film and it wasn't as light and puffy an affair as i had assumed from the description and title.  i also had these false assumptions that because the film was about a trip to bring his father the chair, that there was some kind of father/son relationship problems that needed to be worked out and that that was going to be the crux of the movie.

instead the film was about josh (the main guy) and his girlfriends relationship (she and his brother come along for the ride).  and, like another low-budget film i saw earlier this year, Young People Fucking, it hit on some really true notes about relationships, and yet it didn't feel stereotypical either.  these were two real people and their relationship felt completely true. i think that can be attributed to the script as much as the performances which were really good as well and felt almost improved much of the time.

if you look at the film from a budget-to-gross angel it was rather successful, making over 10 times as much as it cost.  however, given that it made less then $200 000 i am going to assume most, if not all of you out there, have never seen it.  let us change that.  go see it!