Crazy Love

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Year: 2007

Writer: dan klores

Director: dan klores & fisher stevens

Budget: ?

Gross: $300 372

the statement that 'truth is stranger than fiction' is used quite a bit when discussing documentaries, but it almost must be used when talking about Crazy Love.

without giving much away (for those of you that aren't familiar with the story) - in 1957 burt pugach was driving in his car with a friend when he saw linda riss sitting on a bench.  she was the most beautiful women he had ever seen and he knew he had to talk to her.  so he did.  he went up to her, got her phone number, sent her a dozen roses and called her the next day.  she agreed to go out with him and they started dating.  sounds like the beginning of a pretty sweet love story don't it?  well, it is a kind of love story, but 'sweet' is definitely not the word one would use to describe it.  just to give you an idea of where things go, the tag line of the film is 'he had to have her'

the story that follows and the story of the relationship between burt and linda is the kind of thing that if this had been a fiction film, it might have seemed almost silly and over the top beyond anything that would have actually happened in 'real life'.  but, there i was, watching these people tell their story and it was all true.

there are so many ways for documentaries to tell a story and they are all valid, but in this case the one the filmmakers chose worked very well. Crazy Love documents the story through the use, primarily of interviews.  there are also lots of photos and newspaper headlines and some television clips, but no re-enactments and i think i only heard the interviewers voice once.  listening to the players tell the story and hearing their friends talk about it all as well, gives us a nice insight into who they are how this could possibly make sense to them and if maybe one or both of them are 'crazy'.

you wouldn't believe it if it wasn't true, but it is.