FBNF Awards

well, awards season is winding down.  the lists have all been made and most of the awards have been given out.  however, an official year of movies is not complete until the FBNF Awards have been handed out, so here they are, the 2007 FBNFs...


best film:
- No Country For Old Men
      - i have said plenty about this masterpiece already

best male performance:
- daniel day-lewis
      - his performance in There Will Be Blood was brilliant.  a towering, powerful performance for the ages.

best female performance:
- ellen page
     - on the surface it might seem like a simple thing to play a sarcastic teen, but the way she gave us this character who young but thrust (no pun intended) in to such an adult situation was really something great.

film that most frustratingly didn't live up to its potential:
- I Am Legend

      - i think i've said and written enough about how i feel about this one

best soundtrack:
- Once
      - great songs that work beautifully in the movie and on their own

worst movie title:
- The Diving Bell And The Butterfly
      - i know it's the name of the book, but the title is so artsy that i'm sure it probably alienated some people from seeing this great movie (not that those it alienated would have appreciated it anyways, but you never know)

best movie title:
- I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With
      - come on, that's a great title.  and the fact that it also breaks down the truth and simplicity of what we really are all looking for in a mate (someone that we just get and gets us and someone that we would be completely happy just sitting and 'eating cheese' with) makes it even better.

best director (tie):
- the coen brothers & p.t. anderson
    - more then just good films, No country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood are masterpieces that go beyond what we expect, take chances and buck conventions with an incredibly sure hand.

best actor who played the same character in two different movies:
- michael cera
      - they had different names, but his character in Juno and Superbad were pretty identical. he played them really well though.

best special effects:
- The Transformers
    - nope, i didn't like the movie, but those special effects were something spectacular and seamless.

most overlooked actor:
- irfan khan
     - he was excellent in both The Namesake and A Mighty Heart (he got an independent spirit nomination, but he deserved much more)... followed a close second by josh brolin: javier bardem is getting all the attention (and he deserves it all), but brolin was great as well in a less 'flashy' but just as important role.

most overlooked actress:
- Tabu
     - she is the heart and soul of The Namesake.

most overpraised film of the year:
- Micheal Clayton
     -sure, it was pretty good, but not best-director-and-best-film good.  that's just taking up places that could have gone to much better movies

biggest drop-off by a director based on his previous film:
- joe carnahan
     -his film this year:Smoking Aces (kind of fun for a bit, but not even a good mindless shoot 'em up) - his previous film: Narc (this is a great movie)

movie that made me laugh more then it probably should have:
- Reno 911: Miami!
     - the tv show makes me laugh and so did the movie, like the award says, probably more then it should have

- biggest oscar gyp (tie):
- The Diving Bell And The Butterfly not getting a best picture nod
      -personally i also think Micheal Clayton should be off the list and replaced with Easter Promises, but the fact that Diving Bell got a best director nod but was replaced in the best picture category by Atonement is just ridiculous.  i know every year there is one best film nomination that doesn't coennside with the best director nominations, and that is fine. however, if you are going to keep Diving Bell off the list then at least replace it with a better film then Atonement (it had a very good first half. however, it didn't provide any kind of background or justification for the huge emotions felt by the two main characters, and therefor i felt no real draw to their plight or desire for them to get back together, which is what the film relies on).

- Eastern Promises getting almost nothing

          - at least viggo got an acting nod, but come on people, the film itself deserved a lot more recognition then it got.  like i mentioned above, get rid of Micheal Clayton on both the 'best director' and 'best film' nomination list and you got room for cronenberg and Eastern Promises.

- There Will Be Blood score not nominated
         -  how did this modern, different and evocative score get left of the nomination list? i think i just answered my own question.

worst sequel:
- Spiderman 3
       - the first two were great, but this one wasn't even that much fun.  too many villains and a dark spiderman story line that wasn't developed to its full potential. (i didn't see Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 by the way)

Best Sequel:
- The Bourne Ultimatum
       - not only was it a really good action movie on its own, but the way it worked within the context of the trilogy it was a great finale to the series. (Harry Potter 5 and 28 Weeks Later are close behind)

most surprising remake:
- I Think I Love My Wife
       - the chris rock film which he directed, starred in and co-wrote is a 'remake/based on' the film Chloe In The Afternoon by eric rohmer