FiredYear: 2007

Writer: Annabelle Gurwitch

Director: Chris Bradley & Kyle LaBrache

Budget: ?

Gross: $5 172

annabelle gurwitch was so excited when she was hired to act in a play to be directed by the great woody allen.  this was the peak of her carreer so far and she was on cloud 9.  then she was Fired!

but, instead of just feeling sad and crappy she decided to fell sad and crappy and make a movie at the same time.  the film she made is Fired!  a documentary about getting canned. 

annabelle also turned her experience into an off broadway play in which she got various people in the business to get on stage and tell their various stories. she then uses these stories and intersperses them throughout the film.

the film starts off with an introduction to her situation and how the firing came about (woody actually said that she sounded retarded when she played the part).  then we move on to the celebrity interviews.  this is the best part of the movie.  annabelle went around talking to a bunch of celebrities and getting their stories of being fired - from pre-celebrity jobs and from hollywood gigs. this stuff is just really fun, and given that most of the people she talks to happen to be comedians, there is also some very funny stories as well.

the film does get a little more serious as it goes along, with annabelle going beyond her celebrity friends and looking at downsizing in america through the eyes of the 'regular' folks.  talking to a women who was fired for smoking, and to economists about the state of employment and the workers in america.

while that does add some weight to the film, it doesn't work as well as it does in, say, Super Size Me.  in that film Morgan Spurlock uses the great gimmick of eating only mcdonalds for 30 days to really take a serious look at health and food in america.

with Fired! annabelle has a good starting off point  - getting fired by woody allen - but the serious examination of workers and employment in america never feels really covered on more than a general/simple level.

that's okay though.  Fired! doesn't have to, or i think would claim, to be a real serious in depth look at the issue.  rather it is a fun and funny look at one of the hardest things that almost everyone has to go through... getting Fired!