Interview Year: 2007

Writer: Steve Buscemi, David Schechter, Theodor Holman (original screenplay)

Director: Steve Buscemi

Budget: ?

Domestic Gross: $192,822 (as of July 29th, 2007)

sienna miller is the lindey lohan/paris hilton-type celebrity actress (katya) and steve buscemi is the political reporter assigned - unhappily - to interview her.  that is all you need to know going into Interview.  the rest is for you to discover.

what you will discover is a really good film, maybe one of the best so far this year. definitely with two of the best performances - especially the one delivered by sienna miller.  the film is going to get lost in the shuffle, but she better get some nominations come award season.

the film is directed by bushemi and, like his film Lonesome Jim (which i discussed last week), Interview is another great character piece.  pretty much the entire film takes place in katya's apartment, so we sure do get to know these two - based on what they reveal and also on what they don't. 

the direction is great and so is the script.  taking us through the evening these two people spend together and playing with our expectations.  there were more then a few times when the story seemed to be going one way and then would veer off and take a less predictable path - and it wasn't always with a big surprise or anything like that, but even some of the little moments.  buscemi keeps us entertained and interested through the entire film, letting the story play itself out and showing us these characters as more then just stereotypes.

the film is a remake of a dutch film by the same name and in that one the role of katja was played by actress katja schuurman (from what i read, an actress that had much the same public perception as her character).  i haven't seen the original version, but i am intrigued by the idea of using an actress that people associate with the same traits as the character she was playing.  imagine if britney spears or lindsay lohan or paris hilton had been cast instead of sienna miller (and let us pretend that they could also act as well as her) - i'm not sure if it would have worked or not, and i wonder if buscemi even considered it a possibility.

whether he did or not, he ended up with an actress that gave us a great performance and a film that is probably his best directorial feature so far.