One Night At McCool's

Onenightatmccools Year: 2001

Writer: Stan Seidel

Director: Harald Zwart

Budget: ?

Domestic Gross: $6 290 673

liv tyler plays jewel: a gorgeous, seductive, femme fetaleish type woman that is wanted and obsessed over by practically every man that sees her.  One Night At McCool's is the story of what happens when she comes into the lives of a bartender (matt dillon), his yuppie, S&M loving cousin (paul reiser) and a detective (john goodman) told from each of their perspectives of what "really" happened.  this is Something About Mary meets Rashomon, sort of.

the film begins with matt dillon making his way through a bingo hall looking for a man he is supposed to meet.  the man is micheal douglas, and he is an aging, libido-driven hit man who, for me, is one of the little gems of the film.  douglas has a supporting role, but he is great in it (and his hair is awesome).

liv tyler doesn't have the dark seductiveness of the great femme fetale, but then again One Night At McCool's isn't really a typical film noire.  in fact it is just as much farce.  while some might feel a bit discombobulated with the melding of genres, i quite enjoyed it.  and it doesn't hurt that liv looks incredible.  sure they soft light her most of the time and put her in some sexy outfits (and even have her slow-mo washing a car), but she plays the part well, playing it up and going back and forth between innocent fawn and cold-hearted snake.

the story gets a bit silly at times (heading into slapstick and sight gags), but again i was with it all the way.  there are some laugh out loud moments, some smile moments and sometimes where you might not be laughing, but at least you are enjoying the story (or at least i was).  Although there are some very recognizeable names in the film, this one came and went rather quickly from the theatres back in 2001.  however, if you are looking for a fun and easy night with a video then One Night At McCool's is worth picking up.