28 Weeks Later

28weekslater Year: 2007

Writer: Rowan Joffe & Juan Carlos Fresnadillo & Jesus Olmo

Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

Budget: ?

Domestic Gross: $20 180 401 as of May 22, 2007

i have to say i was hesitant to see 28 Weeks Later, and there are two main reasons for that.  the first was that i am not a huge horror movie fan (i enjoy the good ones, but, unlike some of my horror movie geek friends, i am not one to rush out and see the latest scary movie just because it is a scary movie).  the second, and probably more important reason, was that it wasn't directed by danny boyle.  when i heard that the original director and writer of 28 Days Later weren't involved in this film (they got executive producer credit) it kind of turned me off (i felt the same way about T3 when i learnt that james cameron wasn't directing it).  obviously, however, since i am writing about it, not only did i go see 28 Weeks Later, but i actually really enjoyed it.

The funny thing is, that, while it is technically a sequel to 28 Days Later, you don't have to have seen the first one to enjoy/understand this one. after the opening scene they basically cover the entire first movie and set the stage for this one with about 5 title cards (taking you through the progression from 15 days later to 28 weeks later).  then you are all caught up and ready to go.

those expecting as complete a film as 28 Days Later should go in with less expectations.  while the first film had a stronger storyline and characters, 28 Weeks Later is a different kind of film.  28 Weeks Later is a cool zombie movie.  the script is kind of thin and the story is pretty typical, but the movie is scary, gory and fun.  and this is coming from someone who finds zombie movies usually pretty boring after about the first 30 minutes, when it just becomes chasing and killing and screaming and more chasing... (see the remake of Dawn Of The Dead).  however, with this one i didn't feel that.  but don't worry, there is plenty of chasing and killing and screaming, etc...

the score is great and there are numerous times when the music would fill the screen during some sequence of zombie chasing and/or gore.  a lot of it was like a cool, scary, gory, zombie rock video, which normally might be an insult to the film, but i mean it in a good way this time.

the director, juan carlos fresnadillo's first film was 2001's Intacto.  this was an original and interesting film that just didn't work for me in the end.  it did however show a director with promise, and while 28 Weeks Later isn't a masterpiece by any means, it does show the talent of a director that can make a film in a tired and typical genre stand out from the other recent attempts in said niche.

they picked a rough time to release the film with Spider-Man 3 doing record business and now Shrek 3 kicking ass and taking names.  but, if you are looking for a solid, fun zombie movie then 28 Weeks Later is well worth the price of admission (and having seen Spider-Man 3 i can tell you that one isn't).