I Am A Sex Addict

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YEAR: 2005

WRITER: Caveh Zahedi

DIRECTOR: Caveh Zahedi


GROSS: $112 874

do you know who caveh zahedi is?  well, i just watched his film, I Am A Sex Addict, and now, not only do i know who he is, but i can tell you about his three marriages, he first true love, his obsession with prostitutes and the trials and tribulations he had in making the film itself. 

I Am A Sex Addict begins with caveh talking to the camera just minutes before he is to go get married for the third time.  he tells us that he is sure it is going to work this time (or at least as sure as he can be).  the reason the other relationships didn't work is because of his sexual addiction and obsession with prostitutes. then, with an obvious need to preface his comments he takes us back many years and begins to narrate the story of his life with a focus on his relationships and sexual addiction.

the film doesn't just break the fourth wall, it acts like it never existed.  not only does caveh narrate about 90% of the film, but he doesn't just do it via voice-over.  he will talk to the camera at various times and in various locations, and will even turn away mid-scene in order to point something out to us about that particular moment or about some behind the scenes stuff that is going on in the current making of the film.  an example of that would be going to france...

caveh tells us at one point about looking at prostitutes in france, but prefaces the scene by saying that they couldn't raise enough money to actually film in paris, so they are doing it in san fransisco instead and to please just go with it.  then a little later on we see him and the actress playing his girlfriend in paris with the eiffel tower behind them.  at this point caveh turns to the camera and tells us that they had to come to paris because the actresses visa (she is french) had expired before they could finish shooting her scenes.  he even shows us video and pictures of some of the actual people that actors were portraying in the movie

this post-modern aesthetic might not appeal to everyone, but i thought it was great.  it made the truth of everything he was telling us about his life feel that much more direct and accurate.  speaking of that truthfulness: i put this film into my dvd player without knowing anything about it, and so, while i watched it, i was a little unsure about how much of it was the truth and how much i was to believe.  form what i can tell, however, from the little research i did after it was over, is that it is all true (the only special features on the dvd are three shooting scenes that take you on the set for the filming of them - these are fun to watch and even a little informative).

I Am A Sex Addict is an original and unique experience in truth and film making.  caveh zahedi is not a well-known film maker but after watching this film you will feel like you know him very well.