filmed but not forgotten score/music

i have heard it said that you shouldn't notice a film's score.  i disagree completely and am a big fan of movie music.  sure you can notice a bad score, but you can also notice a great one.  this brings us to this weeks list: fbnf score/music

there were only two rules i had for this list:
1) it wasn't nominated for an oscar
2) it is original music composed for the film (therefor if a soundtrack of songs is on the list then they had to have been written for the movie and not just be a collection of good songs like in say, Almost Famous or Forrest Gump or The Commitments. etc...) 

let the listing begin.....

11) She's The One - tom petty and the heartbreakers
10) Who Framed Roger Rabbit - alan silvestri
9) Truman Show - burkhard dallwitz/phillip glass
8) Rushmore - mark motherersbaugh
7) James Bond - monty norman/john barry
6) Team America: world police - harry gregson-williams/marc shaiman/trey parker

5) Batman - danny elfman
4) Psycho - bernard herrmann
3) The Last Temptation Of Christ  - peter gabriel
2) Crimson Tide - hans zimmer
1) The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - ennio morricone