filmed but not forgotten performances (male)

the academy awards marks the end of the awards season and it got me to thinking about actors and performances that didn't get nominated let alone win many, if any, awards.  which brings us here and  my list of the top 15 male performances that went under appreciated. 

my main criteria was that they not be nominated for an academy award and not have won a golden globe (see the honorable mentions for some of those).  if they weren't even nominated for a golden globe or many other awards, that was also taken into consideration. now, of course there are many performances that could be considered, but i also tried to have comedy and action performances (2 categories that are usually dismissed by the academy), as well as films that were highly praised but had actors performances that were somehow overlooked.

1) nicholas cage & john travolta - Face/Off
2) jason shwartzman & bill murray - Rushmore
3) mike meyers - Austin Powers 2
4) martin sheen - Apocalypse Now
5) al pacino & johnny depp - Donnie Brasco
6) vince vaughn - Swingers
7) entire cast of Glengarry Glen Ross
8) mark whalberg & john c. reilly -Boogie Nights
9) matt damon - The Talented Mr. Ripley
10) alan alda - Crimes And Misdemeanors
11) joseph gorden levitt - Brick
12) malcolm mcdowell - A Clockwork Orange
13) campbell scott - Rodger Dodger
14) ewan mcgreggor - Trainspotting
15) harrison ford & sean connery - Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

honorable mention: john travolta - Get Shorty, jim carrey - Man In The Moon, sacha baron cohen - Borat, sylvester stalone - Rocky Balboa, ben affleck & jason lee - Chasing Amy