Eagle Vs Shark

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Year: 2007

Writer: Taika Cohen

Director: Taika Cohen

Budget: ?

Gross: $221 846

taika cohen was nominated for an academy award for his short film 'Two Cars, One Night' back in 2003, but Eagle Vs Shark is his first full-length feature, and what a wonderful debut it is.

the film is a sweet and awkward love story featuring two non-traditional leads.  lily is a shy girl that works at a fast food burger joint.  jarrod is a nerd/geek/etc who works at an electronics store.  he is the best at a mortal kombat-type fighting video game and has parties where people come dressed up as their favorite animal.

the comparisons to Napoleon Dynamite are obvious and pretty much every second thing i read about the film after i watched it mentioned the jared hess surprise hit of a few years back.  sure i can see it: the whole nerd/dork thinks he's cool male lead, but these are two very different films.

while Napoleon Dynamite was more of a pure comedy, Eagle Vs Shark has a romantic and dramatic undertone that Dynamite didn't.  In Eagle Vs Shark jarrod is on a mission to get revenge on the bully that had beat him up in high school and spends much of the film setting up and training for, the 'big fight' (which when it does arrive is a very funny and also quite moving scene).  Eagle Vs Shark has its own sensibilities and sense of humor.

i found it charming, awkward, funny, touching and one of those little-known gems that filmed but not forgotten is all about.

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