Cinemania listen to the podcast


Year: 2002

Director: Angela Christlieb & Stephen Kijak

Budget: ?

Gross: $11 305

i have always considered myself a proud film geek and cinephile, but after having seen Cinemania i have to admit a bit of an inferiority complex setting in.

Cinemania is a documentary made during 2000 and 2001 following around five new york cinephiles as they do what they do, which is watch movies and watch more movies.  i think they eat and sleep a bit also.

we are talking between 500-1000 a year. i mean i thought i was doing well when i spent a week at the sundance film festival and saw 2-3 a day, but doing that every day for years is something, as much as i love movies, i don't think i could do.

this is what i like to call a fun documentary.  it doesn't try to delve into any deep issues or problems, but rather is just looking to entertain you with the 'wierdness' of these characters and how their movie obsession plays itself out in their lives.  from the guy whose diet is designed to create the fewest amount of bathroom breaks to the guy who schedules everything on his computer about what films he is going to see and where.  the film does laugh at the characters a little, but i didn't find it mean or derogatory - maybe cause i recognized a little bit of me in them.

however, what did kind of surprise me, was that, for people who see so many movies they don't really have much to say about them.  i know that my friends and i can have long conversations about movies we see, but these guys would just make little statements about the movie, or about some fact about the people involved and them move on.  almost as if the going to see the movies was the most important part. 

at the end of the film in a great little ode to post-moderism the filmmakers showed the film to the people they had been filming.  it is a great moment watching them watch themselves and in the end they seemed to like it.  and they should know, they have seen a lot of movies.