Fuck (it's a documentary)

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Year: 2005

Director: Steve Anderson

Budget: ?

Gross: $19 791

did you know that the word fuck is actually derived from an acronym for "fornicating under consent of the king"?  well, if you thought you knew that, then you were wrong, because that is a fucking falsehood about the word and just one of the many things discussed and contemplated in the documentary film, Fuck.

From linguists to professors to rappers, producers and comedians, Fuck takes us on a journey of, not only that one word, but of the idea of language and censorship and good ol' freedom of speech (remember that fuck).

this might seem like a pretty grand fuckin' task, but steve anderson does a really good job of it, splitting it up into sections and providing us with some actual insightful and fucking interesting information presented in an often very funny way.

anderson takes the stay-out-of-it approach and doesn't appear in his film, instead, deciding to let the information and the 'talking heads' make the points that need to be made.  ron jeremy, pat boone, steven bochco, sam donaldson, ice-t, alan keyes, drew carrey, david milch, tera patrick, regular people on the street and many more make up the 'talking heads' and the section dedicated to lenny bruce was quite interesting as well.  there is a great part where pat boone explains how he doesn't like to curse so he has turned his last name into a swear word for when he needs to swear: Oh Boone! - that is funny fucking funny stuff people.

over the course of the last few fuckin' months i have discussed a few documentaries and they have worked or not worked in various ways.  with Bus 174, the filmmakers took the main event of the bus hijacking to discuss issues of poverty and crime and child welfare in brazil, and they did a fantastic job with it.  in Fired! ----she--- took her being fired from a woody allen play as a jumping off point to talk to other celebrities about their jobs and experiences with being fired.  this was lots of fun, but the film also tried to get into more serious issues of employment and economics in america, and that part didn't work so good.

however, with Fuck, rather then just be a silly little film about a bad little word, Fuck, the movie, is quite an engaging and fun film that delves into an idea and concept of which FUCK is the poster child, and it does it very fuckin' well. 

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