Good Things From Not So Good Movies

well, it's list time again ladies and gentlemen.  and for this one i was thinking about how even films i don't like can sometimes have something about them that i do like, whether it be something big like a performance or something small like a line of dialogue.

so, on that note, i have put together a list that i am calling, Filmed But Not Forgotten Things From Filmed But Could Be Forgotten Movies: or how i learned to stop worrying and list some good things from some not so good movies (i gotta work on that title)...

while this is a list, i didn't put these in any numerical order.  i'm also sure there are some that i have forgotten or haven't thought about, so what are yours?

Casino Royal: the incredible foot chase near the beginning of the movie
    - this one is first because i'm not sure if it should be here.  this is a movie that, although i didn't really like it when i saw it in the theater, i want to watch again before making final judgments.  so, although the foot chase is an unbelievably good thing, i'm on the fence about whether the film is not so good or not.

The Transformers: the great special effects
    - the movie was too long, the script was poor and i was pretty bored by the end, but, like i have said before, these were great special effects.  there was not one moment where i noticed the cgi or models, etc... it was fluid and really well done.

The Jackal: the opening credits
    - this movie sucked donkeys, but i have always like the opening credit sequence with the graphics and the music.

The Avengers: those big bear costumes
    - this movie was all style over substance, but the one thing i do remember are those big bear costumes that all the bad guys wear so that they won't know who the other bad guys are.  seeing all of them sitting around that huge conference table and then some of them running around was, you got to admit, original and a good visual.

Elizabethtown: susan sarandon doing the stand-up at the funeral
    - this movie was just inconsistent.  there were some good moments, but orlando bloom is just not that good an actor and it shows in a film like this that he has to carry without the help of special effects (ala Lord Of The Rings and Pirates OF The Caribbean).  anyway, one of those good moments was at the funeral when sarandon does this stand-up routine and tap dances i think.  actually that whole scene with the band playing free bird after is also good.  it was moving and funny and smart (i mean crowe does know how to write).

Entrapment: we all know where i'm going with this one.  zeta-jones going under the laser of course
    - really crappy movie with that one great moment

Swordfish: the opening scene
    - another disappointing film that started off well.  that opening scene with travolta talking about realism in movies and pacino in Dog Day Afternoon and then with the explosion and the camera spining around the scene kind of frozen in mid explosion.  that was cool and i remember thinking that i was in for a good ride with this movie.  but i wasn't.

French Connection 2: gene hackman's performance
    - the first one is excellent, but number 2 is kind of a number 2 itself.  however, hackman's performance is great (as always) as he gets force fed drugs while being held by the bad guys.

Eraser: "you're luggage"
    - a pretty average schwarzenegger movie.  however, when he shoots the alligator and then delivers the line "you're luggage"....  come on people, that's gold!!!

Babel: the japanese girls story
    - my least favorite of innaratu's films, i found Babel to be acting like it was saying more then it really was.  the pretention was a bit much and it just wasn't as smart or as interesting as it thought it was.  however, of the three story lines i really liked the one dealing with the deaf japanese girl and it stood out in a film that left me pretty underwhelmed when i left the theater.

Next: the ending
    - Next is a film is another film with an interesting premise (a guy can see 2-minutes into the future) that is only interesting for about 20 minutes.  after that the film turns into a typical not that exciting chase movie, blah, blah, blah.  however, the ending is an interesting thing because: if the film had been good then the ending (i won't give it away) would have, for me, been interesting, unpredictable, frustrating and a gutsy move.  but, since i was pretty bored by the end the ending was just a big groaner (which is the noise that half the audience let out in my showing of the film).

Amistad: djimon hounsou
    - we have seen his power on screen more recently in films like In America and Blood Diamonds, but some people may not remember that djimon got his start in Amistad.  and while the film is definitely not one of spielberg's best, the moments with hundsu are powerful and moving.