The Boondock Saints

 get Boondock Saints (Unrated)

Year: 1999 

Director: Troy Duffy   

Writer: Troy Duffy

Budget: 7 million (estimated)

Domestic Gross: $25 812

i know it's only the third post, but i just noticed that so far each film has had one writer/director.  just thought i'd point that out

anyways, The Boondock Saints.  this is a good example of what FBNF is all about - a film that cost 7 million to make and only made about 25 thousand is bound to be forgotten if it is ever heard of to begin with.  and yet The Boondock Saints is a film that those of you that know it know it well and, as is the case with most people i have talked to about it with, you either love it or you hate it.  given that i am writing about it on this blog you can guess what camp i fall into.  i like this film first and foremost on a purely visual/visceral level.  like Run Lola Run, this is a movie that all else aside i enjoyed 'watching'. 

a short plot summery is in order at this point: after accidentally killing a couple mafia thugs and being hailed as heroes, two irish brothers in boston see it as a calling from god to go out and kill off the rest of them one by one. willem defoe plays the fbi agent after them who slowly starts to think that maybe what they are doing is the right thing.

some of the most memorable scenes for me are the ones in which willem defoe's character inspects the crime scenes and based on what he sees recounts/re-enacts the event as it went down.  the way these scenes are filmed with the shootout/event happening around him as he recounts it is a strong visual statement.

the movie is more then just visual candy though, because that usually isn't enough, as some good looking but awfull films have proved - think Ecks Vs. Sever, Ultraviolet  and Aeon Flux -  the performances are good, the writing is solid and the director, troy duffy, has a good sense of style and pacing - he knew what he wanted and he got it.

troy duffy is actually an interesting topic all his own.  he was a bartender who sold his script to miramax and was set to direct it as well - he was set to be a huge success, but things didn't go as planned. he got a big head and eventually pissed off harvey weinstein and miramax pulled the plug.  there is a documentary called Overnight that chronicles duffy's rise and fall and the making of The Boondock Saints. i haven't seen it yet but it looks really interesting and i will be sure to post about it when i do.

if duffy hadn't messed up and if miramax hadn't pulled out then this probably would have been a much bigger movie and made a lot more money - obviously it was a good script if miramax was willing to buy it from a first time screenplay writer, let him direct and get final-cut - it may have even been a film that more people remember.  as it is though, because of various circumstances, this is a really good movie that has been forgotten, but more so that hasn't even been heard of by many people.  duffy might have messed up is chances at ever making another movie, but at least the one he did make was worth remembering.