Lola Rennt (Run Lola Run)

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Year: 1998    

Director: Tom Tykwer   

Writer: Tom Tykwer

Budget: DEM 3.5 million (estimated)

USA Gross: $7 267 324

i'll say this right up front. Run Lola Run is one of my favorite films of all-time - in fact when people ask me the inevitable "what's your favorite movie of all-time" question i have lately been going with Run Lola Run (in the past i would say that it is too hard to pick just one and then give a list of about 10 or so movies including, but not exclusively: Dr. Strangelove, Leaving Las Vegas, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Apocalypse Now, 2001, Magnolia, Rushmore,The Godfather I and II, 8 1/2, The Great Escape, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Dancer In  The Dark, Austin Powers I, II, III, to name but a few - i will come back to some of those in future posts), but like i said, lately its just been Run Lola Run.

i'm sure many of you have heard of it or even seen it, especially if you live in europe - where it won a bunch of various awards - however, in north america the film only made about 7.2 million dollars at the box office which means a lot of you missed it.  Although it did do well on video (when i worked at a video store it was one of our most rented movie for a long while), it is still one that when i mention it, too many people have never heard of it.

quick summary: lola must find, and bring her boyfriend 100 000 deutschmarks in 20 minutes or he is going to rob a grocery store.  - ya i said deutschmarks, the film is german

i could tell you more but this is a film you really have to see without knowing too much.  needless to say it is a simple premise, but it is technically stunning with an incredible energy and creativity and fast pace that will keep you completely engaged till the end.  besides it's also a movie that i notice something interesting and/or different almost every time i watch it - it is a film about time, fate, chance and also just so much fun to watch.

ok, now that i've hyped it up way passed what any film can live up too remember it and check it out.