Aislados (Isolated)

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Year: 2005

Director: David Marques

Writer: David Marques

i figured i'd start this blog with the most recent film i've seen that fits the criteria.  Aislados - Isolated in english - is a great little spanish film i saw at this years montreal world film festival, and when i say little, i'm not kidding.  the movie was filmed in 6 days and the entire cast consists of three characters and one of them is hardly on screen for most of the film.  to put it simply: the film is about two friends spending a day together at a villa in ibiza just hanging out and talking.

i know, it sounds pretty dull, but it really isn't.  i saw this film at 9 o'clock in the morning and i didn't come close to falling asleep during it.  the performances are really good which, along with the script, is extremely important in a film like this.  if the audience doesn't like, or believe, these two guys then there is no way they are going to be interested enough to sit there and watch them talk for 80 minutes (yes it's a short movie).  from old video games, to girls, to politics, to what if one of them were gay, these guys talk about it all and keep us laughing and interested throughout.

the film did win an audience award for best picture at the ourense independent film festival, but unless you live in Spain or have a really good video store near you i don't know how likely it is you will have a chance to see it.  However, just in case you see it playing someday in your local rep theater or accumulating dust on the video store shelf, remember it and give it a shot.