The Long Kiss Goodnight

Thelongkissgoodnight get The Long Kiss Goodnight

Year: 1996 

Director: Renny Harlin   

Writer: Shane Black

Budget: 65 million (estimated)

Domestic Gross: $33 328 051

The Long Kiss Goodnight is a great example of the kind of movie i had in mind when i decided to start this blog.  this is a film that cost $65 million to make, made about $9 million its opening weekend and ended its theatrical run at about $33 million.  this is a movie that could have been a big $100 million blockbuster but instead has mostly been forgotten.

yes i am saying that about a renny harlin movie - but don't expect to see any other of his films on this blog.  he is one of the worst directors in hollywood that just keeps getting work (just like joel shumacher) - besides the great The Long Kiss Goodnight and the dated, but still kind of fun, Cliffhanger, Harlin has made a mess out of everything he has touched - Driven, Deep Blue Sea, Cutthroat Island, The Exorcist: the beginning (which the studio had him take over and remake after they didn't like what, the great, Paul Shrader had done with it) and Die Hard 2 (while not a bad film it is definitely the worst of the three). 

besides harlin the movie had a lot going for it: a good cast - sam jackson, genna davis and the under appreciated craig bierko (who incidentally is great on the tv show Boston Legal) -  and a good script from shane black (who at the time became the first writer to sell a script for $3 million dollars).

in the movie, genna davis is a women who lost her memory 8 years ago and as she starts to remember things her past comes back to haunt her. jackson plays a p.i. she hires to help her find out stuff about her past.  the two of them are really good in the movie and have this great on-screen chemistry (non-sexual) that makes it all work.

The Long Kiss Goodnight is a really fun action movie.  the script is solid and actually pretty funny at times as well (sam jackson has this 'ham on rye' line that i still quote), davis looks damn good in her platinum wig and some of the action sequences are just really cool.  i'm not sure if it was poor marketing, bad timing or something else that caused this film to come and go from the theaters with hardly a trace but if you are in the video store and in the mood for a good action movie then don't forget about The Long Kiss Goodnight.

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